The primary application for the HeliHawk Grapple is aerial timber extraction. Precise aerial extraction negates the need to construct costly logging roads into remote areas , thus also minimising the environmental impact of the timber industry on surrounding areas. No ground crews are required. Turnaround time is kept to a minimum which results in cost savings.


A larger grapple used in conjunction with a land based hauler and a remote controlled carriage. It eliminates the dangers that breaker-outers face when hooking up conventional strops. This grapple weighs 450kg and, like our other grapples, is made from Bisalloy 80.


The HeliHawk Grapple is equally at home on a conventional crane. The HeliHawk was used at the Matahina Damon a crane to lift debris out of intakes and to clear surrounding areas. The HeliHawk is not limited to logging operations. A crane mounted grapple is currently being used to lift and place heavy boulders and rocks on a construction site.


Truck mounted units, such as HIAB are easily fitted with a HeliHawk Grapple. The lightweight construction and ease of use means that it is ideal for localised log loading onto smaller vehicles. Users enjoy the benefits of the grapple, but with both feet kept firmly on the ground. Again, the grapple can also be used for large rocks & boulders. Perfect for landscapers to place boulders and rocks to create special design features


Often in a salvage situation, time is of the essence. The HeliHawk Grapple offers the fastest turnaround of any logging grapple in the world.

The HeliHawk Grapple proved it’s worth with the salvage of 1000s of tonnes of timber from the stranded log carrier Jody F Millennium in early 2002. With 3 helicopters working, the team were able to pick 1 or 2 logs every 30 sec’s and played a vital part in the salvage operation.

Read the 2002 article from the Gisbourne Herald.