Constructed from Bisloy steel the grapples is designed for maximum strength but with a significant saving in weight. The simple single High Tensile bolt attachment ensures that the HeliHawk Grapple is compatible with a wide range of long lines.

The HeliHawk Grapple boasts an extremely low maintenance mechanism: no hydraulic systems, no electrical systems. The mechanism is simply attached to the long line and is fully operational. No more switches, buttons or wiring. The pilot is simply left to fly the machine.

Sizes Jaw Opening Weight
PW 500 680mm 18 kg
PW 1000 800mm 24 kg
PW 2000 1150mm 90 kg
PW 4000 1400mm 150 kg

The self setting HeliHawk Grapple is designed to eliminate the need for ground crew and to free up the pilot . Constructed from Bisloy steel allowing it to maintain maximum strength but having a significant saving in weight.

Introducing the revolutionary HeliHawk Grapple

We custom build the HeliHawk Grapple to suit variety of applications. Our product has been used for many tasks, from the extraction of deer carcasses to laying fence lines for logging operations. Though designed for aerial use, the grapple is equally at home attached to conventional truck-mounted articulated arms and cranes. Turn around times can be halved as the HeliHawk Grapple eliminates the need to rely on ground crew to strap loads. The crewless operation also removes a potential hazard from the area of operations.

Whatever your intended use , the HeliHawk Grapple WILL save you time and money. Contact us with your requirements for a no obligation quote.