Faram Helicopters Ltd

Faram Helicopters Ltd is a commercial helicopter company operating Eurocopter AS350, EC230 B and MD500 D helicopters.

We have experience with grappling over the past eight years utilising electrical, pneumatic and mechanical grapples which have all proven a means, yet are very exposed to inconsistent operation or failure.

We have utilised both the HeliHawk PW500 and PW200 grapples on log extraction operations. It’s simplicity, jaw efficiency, flying characteristics, weight and strength outweigh any previous grapple ever utilised.

Our pilots find that positioning and landing this grapple is of considerable ease. To initiate the opening and closing of the jaws requires a very simple and practical methodology, which can be easily conducted, whether on a 20′ or 200′ long line lifting blind in bush or in open country.

Due to it’s totally independent mechanism, there is absolutely no need for ground assistance at either the pick-up or drop off point. This is due to its unique jaw-like design which assists the pilot in placing the grapple in a straddle position for pick-ups.

JC Faram CEO
Faram Helicopters Ltd
New Zealand.


Huey Logging Ltd

“I have been logging over 20 years and in that time have seen many different types of logging equipment. The biggest problem with helicopter logging is safety and efficiency when you always need ground crews around hooking onto logs and maintaining gear.

When the HeliHawk Grapple was introduced to me, I was told it was going to be a saving for me. Now I believed that as much as I believed pigs fly but I can say that pigs don’t fly and the HeliHawk Grapple has put a new meaning to helicopter logging.

No more need to have electrics or hydraulics running down the long line.

No need for ground crew in the bush or on the landing (saving 4 employees wages per day).

Very little maintenance required on the gear.

Stacks can be made on the landing if there is not a loader on site.

In all the years I have been using helicopter logging I can honestly say I haven’t used as more efficient and user friendly piece of equipment. I pulled over 5000 tonnes of native logs including many logs that weren’t split down the middle. In pine, I did 2500 tonnes in three weeks and did this on my own as there was no need for a ground crew to hook on logs or maintain gear.

Grant Ward
Huey Logging Ltd
New Zealand