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HeliHawk Logging Grapple

Low maintenance mechanism, no hydraulic systems, no electrical systems, no more switches, buttons, or wiring.

HeliHawk Slash Grapple

Wireless remote-controlled, fully contained hydraulic system ideal for removal off beaver dams and removing forestry debris from waterways.

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HeliHawk Logging Grapple 

Constructed from Bisloy steel the grapple is designed for maximum strength but with a significant saving in weight. The simple single High Tensile bolt attachment ensures that the HeliHawk Logging Grapple is compatible with a wide range of long lines.

The primary application for the HeliHawk Grapple is aerial timber extraction. Precise aerial extraction negates the need to construct costly logging roads into remote areas , thus also minimising the environmental impact of the timber industry on surrounding areas. No ground crews are required. Turnaround time is kept to a minimum which results in cost savings.

Models Available

Jaw opening

Logging Grapple Applications

HeliHawk Harvester

A larger grapple used in conjunction with a land based hauler and a remote controlled carriage. It eliminates the dangers that breaker-outers face when hooking up conventional strops. This grapple weighs 450kg and, like our other grapples, is made from Bisalloy 80.

Crane Mounted

The HeliHawk Grapple is equally at home on a conventional crane. The HeliHawk was used at the Matahina Damon a crane to lift debris out of intakes and to clear surrounding areas. The HeliHawk is not limited to logging operations. 

Truck Mounted

Truck mounted units, such as HIAB are easily fitted with a HeliHawk Grapple. The lightweight construction and ease of use means that it is ideal for localised log loading onto smaller vehicles. Users enjoy the benefits of the grapple, but with both feet kept firmly on the ground. 

Introducing the HeliHawk Slash Grapple

The revolutionary HeliHawk Slash Grapple is finally here and available for purchase or hire. Featuring a fully contained hydraulic system which is completely wirelessly remote-controlled, this grapple is making heads turn with its environmentally friendly operations.

The HeliHawk Slash Grapple is designed for removal of all types off debris in hard to get to places .

It ideally suits the removal off Beaver dams and removing forestry debris from waterways to protect the environment.


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Client Testimonials

“We have utilised both the HeliHawk PW500 and PW200 grapples on log extraction operations. It’s simplicity, jaw efficiency, flying characteristics, weight and strength outweigh any previous grapple ever utilised.”

JC Faram

CEO, Faram Helicopters

In all the years I have been helicopter logging I can honestly say I haven’t used a more efficient and user-friendly piece of equipment.


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