HeliHawk Slash Grapple

The Helihawk Slash Grapple is designed for removal of all types off debris in hard to get to places.

HeliHawk Slash Grapple

Wireless remote-controlled, fully contained hydraulic system ideal for removal off beaver dams and removing forestry debris from waterways.

About the Slash Grapple

The HeliHawk Slash grapple is a long-line grapple that uses a unique hydraulic system to open and close the jaws.

The hydraulic pack is suspended above the grapple and below the helicopter and is radio-controlled by the pilot. This has enabled the slash grapple to be completely independent of the helicopter other than the normal longline attachments to the helicopter hook.

Slash can be released from the grapple in-flight enabling faster turn around and also the spreading of the removed slash.


In servicing trial we have been doing some remarkable production and have been removing around 500kg per 30 seconds.



We have been working closely with forestry companies in New Zealand and have developed a slash grapple that has proven it’s self to be efficient in removing forestry debris from sensitive waterways and areas where this debris may cause damage to the environment.

Due to the steepness of some of our terrain removal by helicopter is sometimes the only option.

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